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Why Donate Toys?
Post Hurricane Katrina research has shown the long-term effects on children survivors of trauma and dramatic stress. For greater health, the second edict after providing for their basic needs is to attend their emotional needs.

The youth at Beasley Brown CDC want to send comfort toys such as soft baby dolls and stuffed animals; things they can hug and hold.

For older youth and young adults, the gifts will be journals to write their feelings; costume jewelry to wear as a constant reminder that we care; and team sports equipment to give them moments of respite from worry and time to bond with others.

The youth of Beasley Brown CDC want the youth affected by disaster to know they are not alone; they are connected and surrounded by love from San Antonio.
TexStar National Bank Joined Kids2Kids as Drop-Off Sites For Toy Donations

Wilson Estes donated bears at TexStar Bank.

Featured on WOAI-4 (NBC) Eyewitness News at 10 p.m. tonight - June 18, 2011.

 KENS-5 (CBS) FIRST AT 4PM News - June 16, 2011. 
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